Strengthening Your Social Media Marketing with Live Streaming Video

In November 2017, I presented my paper, “Strengthening Your Social Media Marketing with Live Streaming Video” at the 1st American University in the Emirates International Research Conference (AUEIRC). After the conference, my paper was published by Springer as one chapter in a collection of peer-reviewed conference proceedings, “Smart Technologies and Innovation for a Sustainable Future (1st ed.).”

The abstract of my paper follows:

With more than 3 billion users worldwide, social media has transformed marketing; it offers individuals and organizations alike the ability to effectively and affordably attract, convert, and transform consumers. Mirroring the growth of social media (and in many ways fueling it) are mobile devices: there are more than 5 million unique mobile users worldwide with nearly 2.8 million people accessing social media with mobile devices and 80 percent of worldwide internet users owning at least one smartphone. Mobile video is a particularly promising platform to communicate to consumers; 80 percent of Internet traffic will be video by 2019 and 74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a branded video. However, recorded video is costly and cumbersome to produce; live streaming video decreases costs while increasing customer engagement and enhancing influence. Recognizing that live streaming video can strengthen social media marketing strategies, this paper reviews the rise of social media, explains the role of live streaming video, previews live streaming video platforms, proposes live streaming video strategies, shares live streaming video survey results, and evaluates the impact of live streaming video.

The conference, which took place on November 15 to 16, 2017 at the American University in the Emirates campus, provided a platform for discussing recent trends in creative business and social innovation. AUEIRC highlighted the various aspects of creative business and social innovations that can scale for the benefit of communities.

AUEIRC brought together academics, practitioners, researchers, policy makers and students to share and discuss challenges and solutions in contemporary disciplines. The scope of the conference included a broad range of topics on areas that impact contemporary society, including:

  • Creative Business and Social Innovation
  • Creative Industries and Social Innovation
  • Education and Social Innovation
  • Governance and Legislation
  • Media for Smart Cities
  • Smart Technologies and Innovation