I write fiction and nonfiction work in addition to my academic publications. Identifying with Mark Van Doren’s idea “the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery,” I apply information from intellectual investigations to inspire innovation among others. My written work appears in peer-reviewed journal articles, trade publications, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings with additional articles appearing in magazines and newspapers. I am also an unrepentant fan of the Oxford comma; the semicolon is another of my guilty pleasures! Please review the following partial list of my Academic Writing and Media Citations below:

Academic Writing

  • Arabian Gulf Game Plan: Titled “Arabian Gulf Game Plan: The social media marketing strategy of the Emirates American Football League,” this book chapter explores the origins of the EAFL; looks ahead to the future of the league and American football in UAE; shares the league’s social media strategy.
  • edX E-Learning Course Development: This workshop-in-a-book walks readers through eight steps needed to create and teach an edX course. The book includes chapters about planning curriculum, producing videos, designing exercises, and integrating curriculum while administering, facilitating, and promoting your course.
  • Improving Shared Mobility with Mobile Technology: The Case of ekar in Dubai: Ekar offers a smartphone appy with which users can find, unlock, and rent cars by the minute at more than 45 locations across Dubai. This paper explores, in case study format, the strategy and technology of ekar while evaluating the implications of blockchain functionality and internet of things features on the digital drivetrain of the carsharing service.
  • Initiating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in the United Arab Emirates: To better understand the “UAE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Program” — which the UAE launched in 2015 with Stanford University — this book chapter establishes why teaching innovation and entrepreneurship is necessary, explains the operational elements of the program, and elaborates how educators have taught innovation and entrepreneurship classes.
  • Strengthening Your Social Media Marketing with Live Streaming Video: Recognizing that live streaming video can strengthen social media marketing strategies, this academic paper reviews the rise of social media, explains the role of live streaming video, previews live streaming video platforms, proposes live streaming video strategies, shares live streaming video survey results, and evaluates the impact of live streaming video.

Media Citations