Mixing business and bohemian mindsets, my writing style is informative yet engaging. I have been published in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings. I’ve also written articles in blogs, magazines, and newspapers — where you can also find me frequently interviewed or quoted. I’m an unrepentant fan of the Oxford comma, em dashes, and semicolons; they are the core of my writing DNA. Ultimately, my goal as a writer is to encourage others to seek knowledge while supporting them in their quest for discovery.

Blending business and bohemian mindsets, my writing style is informative and engaging. I am published in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, books, chapters, and conference proceedings. You can also find my articles in blogs, magazines, and newspapers, where I am often interviewed or quoted. As a writer, I embrace the Oxford comma, em dashes, and semicolons, which are intrinsic to my writing DNA. My ultimate goal s to encourage others to seek knowledge while supporting them the process.

Academic Writing

  • Arabian Gulf Game Plan: Recognizing the increasing relevance of American football globally, I wrote a book chapter, “Arabian Gulf Game Plan: The social media marketing strategy of the Emirates American Football League,” that explores the origins of the EAFL in the United Arab Emirates, looks ahead to the future of the league, and shares the league’s social media strategy.
  • Improving Shared Mobility with Mobile Technology: The Case of ekar in Dubai: With ekar drivers can find, unlock, and rent cars by the minute at more than 45 locations across Dubai. This paper explores, in case study format, the strategy and technology of ekar while evaluating the implications of blockchain functionality and internet of things features on the digital drivetrain of the carsharing service.
  • Initiating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in the United Arab Emirates: To better understand the “UAE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Program” this book chapter establishes why teaching innovation and entrepreneurship is necessary, explains the operational elements of the program, and elaborates how educators have taught innovation and entrepreneurship classes.
  • Strengthening Your Social Media Marketing with Live Streaming Video: Recognizing that live streaming video can strengthen social media marketing strategies, this academic paper reviews the rise of social media, explains the role of live streaming video, previews live streaming video platforms, proposes live streaming video strategies, shares live streaming video survey results, and evaluates the impact of live streaming video.


  • Connecting with Consumers: According to management consultant, author, and educator Peter Drucker “knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” Connecting with Consumers shares ten case studies in five sections about organizations in various industries. Each case starts with an overview and concludes with retrospective and prospective questions that enhance a student’s understanding. Why case studies? Summarizing scenarios impacting actual organizations, a case study improves critical thinking ability and increases strategic planning skills. Case studies illustrate the application of business theory while offering students an opportunity to solve real business situations from a variety or practical and psychological perspectives.
  • edX E-Learning Course Development: edX is an open source learning management system (LMS) and course-authoring tool that educational institutions and private organizations can use to create massive online open courses (MOOCs) and small private online courses (SPOCs). This book walks you through the eight essential steps you will take to create your first edX course while teaching you tools and techniques you need to know as an edX instructor. Organized sequentially, each chapter represents a stage in your curriculum development and implementation process. It begins with an overview of MOOCs and the history of edX, detail curriculum development and video production best practices, explore options for exercises and assessments, address your course’s administrative options, and then review your role as a facilitator. Lastly, the book suggests a strategy to market your course with traditional tools, edX options, and social media.
  • Starting with Marketing: As a consumer, you are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day — more than five times the number in the 1970s. However, unless you work or have worked in marketing, you are likely only familiar with the public facing part of the marketing process. Emphasizing why and how value is the core of marketing, Starting with Marketing contains 12 chapters following the steps you would take to produce and promote products as a marketer. Targeting students at an introductory level, the book will improve your ability to create, manage, and strengthen the key marketing relationships in your life.

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