Inspired by Søren Kierkegaard's belief in the lifelong commitment to learning inherent in teaching, I embark on a shared journey of generative learning with my students. Guided by the motto "learn continuously, live generatively," I cultivate a dynamic and innovative learning environment that integrates existing knowledge with emerging ideas. Drawing from Mark Van Doren's perspective on teaching as assisting discovery, I inspire creativity by sharing insights gained from intellectual explorations. Fostering students' creative confidence, I create a cohesive learning community through a blend of learning and laughter. I prioritize relevancy by tailoring the curriculum to emphasize real-world applications and avoid repetitive assignments. Leveraging technology, I enhance engagement, knowledge management, and overall learning outcomes. As an interdisciplinary educator, I integrate the intersections of humanity, technology, and industry in my undergraduate and graduate courses in communication, management, and marketing. Encouraging critical thinking and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, I celebrate the success of one as the success of all.

I currently teach — or have taught— the following courses at Coastal Carolina University:


  • CBAD 350, Marketing: A study of the marketing of goods and services, including legal, social, economic, and technological considerations; consumer behavior and target markets; product; pricing; promotion; channels of distribution, and development of marketing strategy.
  • CBAD 401, International Business: A study of the significant aspects of international business operations, including historical development of foreign trade policy and operative problems of international business operations, principle areas of study are: international business and the nation-state, assessing and forecasting the international business environment, and managing the multinational enterprise.
  • MKTG 351, Consumer Market Analysis: A study of buying behavior, both consumer and industrial, and the marketing research process. Includes psychological, social and economic influences on buying behavior, along with basic market research methods for analyzing those influences.
  • MKTG 452, Social Media Marketing: The course provides a thorough understanding of social media channels including social networking sites, online communities, forums, blogs, video-sharing sites, etc. Emphasis is placed on the use of these channels as part of an overall marketing communication strategy. Specific topics addressed include targeting online customers through social media channels, effectiveness of social media marketing, and evaluation methods.
  • MKTG 455, Personal Selling and Sales Management: The principles of salesmanship and their relationship to the management of a sales force in recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, controlling, evaluating, and motivating sales personnel.



  • MBA 660 Global Business: Prompts students to analyze systematically the various institutional facets of the global business environment and their effect on the operations and management of firms. Topics addressed will include such areas as foreign direct investment, export and import trade, supranational institutions that influence trade and investment, and monetary systems and financial markets. Attention is also devoted to country analysis, political risk, and contemporary issues such as off-shoring international expansion, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and cross-cultural management challenges.