A charismatic speaker, I have delivered two TEDx talks (with a third forthcoming), moderated several panel discussions, in addition to giving countless presentations and guest lectures. You can also find me acting in student films, appearing as a guest on podcasts, performing as a voice over artist, or competing on game shows. I have been an extra in a feature film, participated in promotional videos, appeared on several podcasts, and played the lead in two student movies. Summaries of my TEDx talks follow:


Inspiring Innovation Mindsets in Underrepresented Adolescents | TEDxRaleigh
TEDxRaleigh selected 12 speakers to contemplate “Hitting Reset.” My talk, “Inspiring Innovation Mindsets in Underrepresented Adolescents,” shares the story of the Each One Teach One Entrepreneurship Institute at Coastal Carolina University. This student-centered organization inspires innovation mindsets in underrepresented adolescents through entrepreneurship education. Its role reflects the reality of “opportunity youth,” 16- to 24-year-olds who are not working and not in school. Costing taxpayers $93 billion a year in unearned revenue and social services, some people might write these individuals off as a lost cause. Instead, I recommend we rewrite the roadmap of their lives by developing their entrepreneurial acumen, financial literacy, leadership abilities, life skills, and technological expertise.


Moving Forward from Failure | TEDxRITDubai
TEDxRITDubai presented a selection of speakers sharing answers to “The Bigger Question.” This event was initially organized as an in-person gathering for February 2020 by students from the Rochester Institute of Technology campus in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, that plan pivoted to a hybrid online/in-person experience on April 10, 2021, due to COVID-19. My talk,” Moving Forward from Failure,” responds to the bigger question “how might we move forward from failure?” Sharing the story of one woman’s determined innovation in the face of formidable failure, I present a personal perspective about how we can purposefully pivot and progress over any obstacle.


Stepping into the Shoes of a Champion | TEDxUCSB {April 2022)
Inspired by the theme “Exploring the Uncharted,” TEDxUCSB encompasses self-discovery, compassion, and the journey to understand the need for connection. Organized by UC Santa Barbara undergraduates, this event invites attendees to experience the insights of eight speakers. In “Stepping into the Shoes of a Champion,” I outline the impact of A Champions Shoes, a nonprofit that gives new pairs of shoes to kids whose parents cannot afford them. Started by Tiffany and Mike Claudio upon the suggestion of their young sons, Everett and MJ, the organization aims to donate 1,000,000 pairs of shoes across the United States by the end of 2026. Inviting the audience to make a difference, the core concept I communicated is that we can all be champions, not for personal profit, but for the richness of rewarding others.