Statement of Research Interests

Balancing theory with reality, my research interests intersect humanity, industry, and technology. Leveraging an interdisciplinary orientation, I engage in intellectual initiatives that contribute knowledge to theory and practice. I publish my research in books, book chapters, case studies, conference proceedings and publications, and peer-reviewed journals. As a PhD student in Business Administration with the Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, my research interests now more favorably focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

My interest in these issues was influenced by my participation in the United Arab Emirates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Program. Launched by the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Education of the UAE, in partnership with Stanford University management science and engineering faculty, the program trains educators to inspire students with an innovation and entrepreneurship mindset. This training, when combined with my interactive experience as an actor, voice over artist, and writer, increases my insight into the importance of clarity, creativity, and consistency during knowledge transfer, especially in a startup situation.

While most existing literature about these topics seeks to understand how and why entrepreneurs innovate, it has often neglected the role of education and the significance of the environment in which entrepreneurs operate. Keeping this in mind, I intend to ascertain the significance of education in preparing entrepreneurs to design strategies that enable them to conquer challenges they will face in the future and to do so.

More broadly, my research interests include.