Intersecting humanity, industry, and technology, my research creates connections between academia and industry, contributing knowledge to both theory and practice. I found a favored focus in entrepreneurship through my participation in the United Arab Emirates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Program which trained me to teach design thinking and creativity.

Launched by the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Education of the UAE in partnership with Stanford University management science and engineering faculty, the program trains educators to inspire students with an innovation and entrepreneurship mindset.

This training, when combined with my interactive experience as an actor, voice over artist, and writer, increases my insight into the importance of clarity, creativity, and consistency during knowledge transfer, especially in a startup situation.

Since existing literature explores how and why entrepreneurs innovate, my research investigates the impact of education and the significance of the surroundings in which they operate. When research reveals results, I will share strategies leaders can leverage to elevate emerging economies and underserved individuals alike.

My research interests include artificial intelligence, the digital economy, digital marketing, educational technology, entrepreneurship education, innovation, and the sharing Economy. To learn more, I invite you to review my research profiles via the following links: