Would you like to know exactly how to have the Romantic Relationship you've always wanted?

Cherry Norris
The "Dating Director"

I give ALL my Directions, Step by Step like I did for three years during my highly successful ART OF DATING workshops.

And YOU can get them ALL with my Brand New 8 Week Home Study Version!

Are you a single person who desires to have a romantic relationship in your life?

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted from dating (or lack of dates)?

Have you ever wished someone could guide you step by step on how to create the romantic relationship you want?

Have the romantic relationship you've always wanted with Cherry Norris' 8-CD Series, "The Role of a Lifetime."Would you like to have more fun and feel more confident when meeting new people and going on dates?

Have you ever wished you had a personal relationship coach and mentor to help you through difficult moments in dating and relationships?

A mentor who actually had to learn this material herself before having a wildly fulfilling marriage? A former "dating disaster" who truly understands who you are and what you're trying to attract?

Then I'm ready to help YOU right now!

You see. . .

"I Used to Be Where You Are Right Now"

Ten years ago, I was a very successful single person. I had a great life and fabulous friends. . . and I had dates, but unfortunately, the dates rarely called back. No matter how successful I was personally, I had no idea how to have a successful romantic relationship. It was a real drag. I constantly wondered what was wrong with me. How come the men I wanted never wanted me?

I remember one time when a guy I really liked stopped calling and I wanted to die! Seriously, I wanted to end it. Fortunately, I didn't because. . .

TODAY I have a fantastic marriage with a wonderful husband.

Yes, I met my husband, Lorenzo while I was sailing up the Almalfi Coast in Italy with my Mother in 2000! Who would ever guess I would bring back such a fantastic souvenir!

It was a dream come true!

  • Imagine meeting your soul mate and knowing exactly what to do to set the relationship up for success.

  • Being able to read the signals and understand what's truly going on during the initial Courtship.

  • Staying anchored while skillfully guiding the relationship.

  • Feeling totally secure while negotiating sex and commitment.

  • Having the skill and courage to surrender to love (yes, it can be quite frightening!).

  • Having a gorgeous Italian wedding in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy with friends and family!

And I'll let you in on something else. . . if I didn't have the relationship skills I've acquired over the past 10 years, I would have blown my chances of marrying Lorenzo.

Would you like to know EXACTLY how I did this?

Good. Keep reading, because. . .


I'm ready to give YOU all my secrets
so you can have the Romantic Relationship
YOU'VE always dreamed of


Over the last ten years I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars researching and developing a system to:

  • Understand how men and women operate differently in relationships.

  • Communicate with my husband (and other men in my life) in a way he can understand me without getting frustrated.

  • Know what to do and say in difficult dating situations.

  • Learn how not to take rejection personally.

  • Negotiate sex and commitment without fear.

  • Stop obsessing about men and what they're doing!

  • Feel better and stronger about myself as a woman.

  • Keep the relationship on a healthy and intimate course.

Now, I've got it. I've got this all down to a COMPLETE SYSTEM that I want to pass on to those who want the same romantic success.

You see, I've been VERY good at teaching people how to have successful relationships in my 8 week Art of Dating workshops, but I've never put it together in a formulated, systematic package before!

Now I have!

In fact, I'm going to give you a complete SCRIPT to dating and relationship success.

I've laid it out step by step in an 8-week course that gives you ALL the information I've shared in my live workshops and MORE!

I've spent ten years coaching and teaching and applying all the techniques and secrets that make relationships work and why they don't. And I'm basing this information not only on my own experience, but from what I've learned studying psychology and biology of how we naturally operate as human beings. More specifically as men and women. Isn't that what you want to know?

Isn't that why you want to learn how to be your best self and have a successful, fulfilling relationship? If not, then stay single. There's nothing wrong with that!

But if you want to change your "singledom" you need the proper directions. . . and with all the choices we have today, we've been more confused than ever. . . until NOW!


The Good News Is. . .YOU CAN LEARN how to have a Successful, Fulfilling, Intimate, Creative, Romantic Relationship!


I'm making my entire 8-Week Workshop
available to YOU in a Brand New
Home Study Program


Have the romantic relationship you've always wanted with Cherry Norris' 8-CD Series, "The Role of a Lifetime."

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"I've read many books on dating, but for the first time I get it! Your method opened my eyes to why my actions were not generating the results I wanted. By learning and practicing new skills in a safe and fun way, I have tweaked how I interact with men and the results are amazing!" — LeeAnn Webster, O'Melveny & Myers


You'll get clear directions in a step-by-step plan you can use immediately...on your next date!

  • Gain CONFIDENCE meeting new people wherever you go!

  • Feel COMFORTABLE in any dating situation!

  • Have More FUN dating than You ever have!

It's ALL in this series. . . everything you need to know to have the relationship you've always desired. Here's just a PREVIEW of what you'll learn:

1. Defining Your Role in Romantic Relationships

You've probably had some success in relationships. You may even have been married or lived with someone. But what happened? Why didn't it work out? The Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to "autopsy" your past relationships so you don't ever make the same mistakes again.

  • How to define your new role in relationships and why it's important.

  • The differences between Masculine and Feminine energies that may surprise you.

  • Specific dialogue to keep you in your chosen romantic role.

"Cherry Norris is a brilliant communicator. She makes learning fun and is never at a loss to make a confusing situation clear. I would never be in the relationship I enjoy today if it hadn't been for what I learned from Cherry. I'm reaping rewards and so is my boyfriend!" — Kaja Fehr, Film & TV Editor

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2. What's Your Relationship Style?

Millions of people are not compatible in their styles of relationships and they don't even know it! They only know they feel frustrated with their partner and don't know what to do about it. Specifically, my Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to define the relationship style that's right for you.

  • The biggest secrets of why relationships don't work.

  • 3 Styles of Romantic Relationships.

  • How to define your non-negotiables in a way that creates the best opportunities to find your perfect mate.

"Until I took Cherry's workshop, I didn't fully understand how women perceived me. Now, I'm making adjustments and getting the results I want!" — Peter C., Wealth Manager

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3. Create a Dynamic Dating Profile

A dating profile, if not written well can do you more harm than good. You may be sending out the wrong messages to people and not even know it.

Have you ever wondered why people are responding that you have absolutely no interest in? Or worse, aren't attracting anyone through your on-line dating site? My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to write a personal dating profile to attract the RIGHT people to respond.

  • How to decipher and understand who someone is within the first two sentences of their dating profile.

  • 6 Simple do's and don'ts to make your profile pop.

  • 5 Examples of what works and doesn't work for a dating profile.

  • Appropriate dialogue so you're prepared for any new introduction, anytime and anywhere in person or on-line.

  • How to determine what's so special that makes you stand out from millions of other single people (you may be surprised!).

"Cherry's advice is right on. Her workshops and coaching help my Clients understand themselves and the opposite sex and they are more successful in dating and relating. Study with this woman!" — Julie Ferman, Cupids Coach Matchmaking

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4. Presentation: Attracting the One You Want

How you present even before physically meeting the person can determine the success (or lack of success) in your next romantic relationship.

How you present, how you speak and how you act determines your role and the style of relationship you're creating. My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to exude confidence and feel sexy in any situation.

  • What's really getting in the way of your having a romantic relationship (You'll be shocked!).

  • Important tips on how to treat yourself and feel good doing it.

  • How to create a romantic environment.

"Really passionate on the subject, dynamic, knowledgeable and professional, Cherry is a great relationship coach & teacher. I highly recommend her services!" — A.T. Personal Chef

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5. Flirting and Signaling: Strategies That
    Really Work for YOU!

How many times have you seen someone across the room and thought, "Wow, I'd like to meet them!" but you aren't comfortable knowing what to do and don't want to come off looking like a jerk?

People who don't know how to signal each other don't end up meeting each other. What results is a missed opportunity.

Even if you hate going out to meet new people, we're going to make this EASY and FUN! I'll give you proven methods to signal the one you really want, anytime, anywhere so you can MEET that person.

My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • Where to go to meet new, interesting people.

  • Dressing to attract the ones you're interested in.

  • How to communicate with Family and Friends who may be uncomfortable with your prioritizing dating over them!

  • How to signal the one you really want.

  • What to say (or not say) in the introduction.

  • Getting past the fear of rejection.

"Studying with Cherry has given me a new lease on life. I feel much more comfortable and secure in the dating arena. I have a totally new perspective toward men and I am loving it!" — Gerry Wells, Producer

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6. What to do on 1st Dates and 1st Encounters

Okay, now you've finally met someone you're interested in dating. Now what?

How you interact in the first TWO MINUTES of meeting someone can determine if the relationship is a romance, a business deal or a friendship. Want to know the difference and how you can INSTANTLY set up the relationship you want?

My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • How to set up the relationship you desire in the first five minutes.

  • How to feel cherished or respected by your dates.

  • How to exit gracefully from someone you're not interested in.

  • What to do when a date invites you out and you've already made plans.

  • How to keep your dates coming back for more!

"I'm enjoying real success in dating. For the first time, I'm dating a charming lady who appreciates the masculine attention I pay to her. In return, I'm rewarded with a sexual energy I've not enjoyed with anyone before. I have your course to thank for my good fortune. I consider every penny well spent and believe the course has 'paid' for itself in the form of 'personal experience currency'." — Ben A., Graphics Designer

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7. Getting Your Needs Met FOREVER!

You're dating and it's great, but there are times when your date does something that annoys you. So what do you do? How do you tell them in an appropriate, inoffensive way?

How you communicate and how you negotiate can determine the longevity and success of your relationship. Learning how to deal with the annoyances can keep you in a place of power as well as keeping the relationship on a healthy and intimate course. My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • What to do and say in difficult dating situations.

  • How to respectfully ask for what you want.

  • How to communicate in ways to build intimacy.

  • How to stay rational when your date is behaving irrationally.

"Dating can be intimidating, exciting and exhausting. Your course helped me sort it out and have fun. You teach with warmth, charm, insight, wit and an intimate understanding of men and women. This course took away all the fear and anxiety and put me in a place of power." — Nancy W. Advertising Executive

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8. Sex and Commitment!

Finally. . .Let's talk about SEX! It's usually a hot and juicy topic!

Men and women fall in love differently. Duh! Having sex without knowing "the plan" is not only dangerous, but it can lead to mixed agendas and hurt feelings.

Whether you're interested in a casual affair or long-term commitment, it's important to know how to make sure your partner's on the same page. My Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Course will teach you:

  • 3 Factors that determine a committed relationship.

  • When it's appropriate to ask for sex and commitment.

  • How to communicate your requirements for a sexual relationship.

  • How to protect yourself from sexually bonding to an inappropriate partner.

  • What to do when you catch your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you.

"Not a lifesaver, a life maker." — Les B. Mortgage Broker


"So what do I GET with The Role of A Lifetime:
How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship
Home Study Program?"

Buy "Role of a Lifetime" Now!

First, you'll get the sturdy 96-page workbook that you'll use to create your own dating profile and relationship script. It contains dozens of pre-written exercises, examples, notes and samples YOU can use throughout the CD audio sessions. . . including a dating profile template, exercises and worksheets you can use to make yourself stand out in the crowd!

You'll also get a series of "dating dilemmas" where you can role play and dialogue with me so you'll be well rehearsed and comfortably know what to say or do in most any dating situation.

Then you get a set of 8 complete audio CDs that will play in your car or on your computer on in any CD player. You'll feel as if I'm right there with you as you go through this process. And because I created this program especially for you, there is no sound interference from a "live" event. This is your personal Dating Director working one-on-one with YOU and the relationship you want to create for yourself!

I've given you everything you need to set the stage for the love life you want!

I want you to have NO excuse not to succeed in love!


"Okay, Cherry, sounds great. But, what's my investment to learn your complete system for having the
Romantic Relationship I desire?"

I offered my 8-week "Art of Dating" workshop for $800.00. And all the information I give my private clients is in the Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study series.

Initially I wanted to give people that want and need this information the opportunity to study the material in their own time without having to travel to weekly meetings. So I priced The Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship at $297.00 which is an incredible offer considering all the valuable and useful information you receive (after all it's MORE information that the that the live workshops got!)

And that's what you're paying for. Not the binder, paper and CDs. . . it's the information inside that can change your life.

However since this is my first home study series ever, I'm offering The Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship for only $149.00 — for a limited time!


Yes — Only $149.00!
(plus tax and shipping)

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My Amazing Mentor always says, "When you are considering an opportunity, don't look at what it costs. Look at what it's worth."

I can tell you from personal experience, that understanding how relationships work and "getting" my role in them has changed my life. I use everything I teach every day of my life to keep my marriage on a healthy and successful course. This information is priceless to me and to thousands of other people who would not be in loving relationships without the knowledge and the application of what's inside this series.


"Duty Dating" DVD

A wise cracking, fun loving DVD feature film, DUTY DATING is tightly wrapped, hilarious romantic comedy about a woman, who on the advice of a love doctor does all the right things to marry the wrong man!

True Love. Most of us want it, but how do we find it?

DUTY DATING is the magical film that examines our romantic desires and gets results.

Clarice, a successful magazine stylist, is unsuccessful in love. She botches every potential relationship without understanding why. Her magazine editor, Darlene, who is besieged by men, takes Clarice to Dr. Hartley, a famous love specialist.

Dr. Hartley tells Clarice that in order to get married, she must "duty date" three men at the same time because one is too attached; two is either/or and only with three can she keep perspective.

Unfortunately, Clarice must juggle many "toads" before meeting her prince. Hilariously steering her way to the wedding alter, Clarice learns the road to love is paved with many unexpected twists and turns.

Based on the nationally acclaimed author and lecturer, Dr. Pat Allen, (Getting to 'I Do'), DUTY DATING provides a template for the do's and don'ts of dating.

This heartwarming film will appeal to everyone in their quest to find true love. Normally, I sell DUTY DATING for $25.00 including shipping and handling.

But YOU get a FREE DVD when you order The Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Love Story Home Study Course.

The dialogue in DUTY DATING is the true value to you. Watch Clarice and see what to do and say on your own dates. You'll never have to feel uncomfortable or nervous on dates...ever!

"Thank you so much for everything you have taught me about dating. It has been and continues to be, an explosion of the senses. Your guidance and teaching has given me the confidence to date; the knowledge of when I am being masculine and feminine and the skill set to morph in and out of it. Thank you so much for the work you do and please, please continue to do it. So many people can benefit from this work. What a beautiful world if we can be softer, more compassionate and understanding of each other." — Dina W., Business Coach



My Personal Guarantee: If You Don't Like It, You Don't Pay for It! Full 60 Day Guarantee!


I'm 100% confident that The Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship will be the easiest, practical, most complete guide to establish the romantic relationship you desire.

I'm confident that if you apply the techniques, incorporate the dialogue and complete the exercises I share with you, you'll see VERY noticeable differences in your dating and relationship results.

But if for some reason it doesn't meet your expectations, and all my directions and tips don't produce the results you were looking for, just return the program in resellable condition and we'll give you a full refund for up to two months.


So. . . as you can see, I'm putting myself and my reputation on the line here to help you.

I'm ready.

Are YOU ready?


Buy "Role of a Lifetime" Now!


YES, Cherry, I'm ready to Prepare for the Role of a Lifetime and Learn How to Star in my Own Romantic Relationship!

  • I understand I'll receive the sturdy 96-page workbook to use while I create my very own relationship profile and script.

  • The workbook will include pre-written exercises, examples, notes and samples I can use throughout the CD audio sessions. . . including a dating profile template, exercises and worksheets.

  • I'll also get a set of 8 complete audio CDs that will play in my car or on my computer on in any CD player. I'll feel as if I'm being personally coached by you as I go through this process.

  • As a BONUS, I'll receive the "DUTY DATING" DVD, a full length romantic comedy about a woman, who on the advice of a love doctor does all the right things to marry the wrong man.

  • I understand that I'm investing in the Role of a Lifetime: How to Star in Your Own Romantic Relationship Home Study Program at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money back guarantee, which I can request within 60 days from date of purchase.

Order Your Copy for Just $149.00
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All orders usually ship out within 3 business days when in stock. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll continue to have what you have and that is single lifestyle. Now is the time to break your cycle and do something different to bring you a different result! I look forward to directing you towards the SUCCESSFUL, LOVING RELATIONSHIP you desire!

Success in Love,

Cherry Norris

The Dating Director

PS: This offer is only GUARANTEED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, so be sure to lock in your special pricing today!

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Cherry Norris is a renowned dating coach, workshop director and popular speaker. She is the official dating coach for matchmaking services such as Cupid's Coach. Cherry also wrote, directed and produced the feature length romantic comedy DUTY DATING based on the teachings of Dr. Pat Allen, author of "Getting to 'I Do'." Her work has been featured in The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, at MTV and numerous TV and radio interviews around the U.S.


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