Promoted Podcast: Science of Social Media


The “Science of Social Media” podcast is a captivating exploration of the psychology and strategies behind successful social media marketing. Hosted by industry experts, it delves into the latest research, trends, and practical tips for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their online presence. Each episode offers valuable insights into topics like content creation, audience engagement, platform algorithms, and influencer marketing. With a mix of interviews, case studies, and actionable advice, this podcast serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the science behind effective social media strategies.

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Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA, is a marketing lecturer at Coastal Carolina University, where he teaches advertising, consumer behavior, personal selling, and principles of marketing courses. Research-oriented, he focuses on artificial intelligence, the sharing economy, and social media, with a burgeoning interest in sports marketing. He also facilitates professional development workshops and has delivered three TEDx Talks. As a consultant, he crafts marketing content, creates business curriculum, and composes professional communications.