Powerful Partnerships: Unleashing the Marketing Might of “Man of Steel”

Henry Cavill in "Man of Steel."

When it comes to promoting a blockbuster film like “Man of Steel,” strategic marketing partnerships play a crucial role in generating buzz and expanding the movie’s reach. Released ten years ago today on June 14, 2013, the superhero film leveraged several notable collaborations that amplified its marketing efforts and left a lasting impact on audiences. Let’s take a closer look at three of the most impactful marketing partnerships for “Man of Steel.”

Gillette, the renowned grooming brand, joined forces with “Man of Steel” to create a captivating marketing campaign centered around the idea of “The Best a Superman Can Get.” This partnership resulted in creative commercials featuring Henry Cavill as Superman, highlighting his superhuman strength while using Gillette razors. The collaboration effectively connected the superhero’s iconic image with the idea of strength, grooming, and personal care.

In a bold move, Nokia partnered with “Man of Steel” to showcase their Lumia smartphones in the film and related promotional material. This strategic collaboration integrated Nokia’s cutting-edge technology seamlessly into the narrative, giving the brand exposure to a global audience. The partnership also included a themed mobile app and interactive content, engaging fans and immersing them further into the Superman universe.

Warby Parker, the popular eyewear company, collaborated with “Man of Steel” to launch a limited-edition line of eyeglasses inspired by the film. This partnership not only capitalized on the superhero’s distinctive style but also appealed to fashion-conscious fans. The eyewear collection offered a unique way for enthusiasts to channel their inner Superman while showcasing Warby Parker’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

These strategic marketing partnerships for “Man of Steel” demonstrated the power of collaboration in maximizing brand exposure and creating memorable experiences for fans. By aligning with reputable brands like Gillette, Nokia, and Warby Parker, the film’s marketing campaign extended beyond traditional advertising avenues, fostering a deeper connection with the audience and propelling the superhero epic to new heights of success.


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Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA, is a marketing lecturer at Coastal Carolina University, where he teaches advertising, consumer behavior, personal selling, and principles of marketing courses. Research-oriented, he focuses on artificial intelligence, the sharing economy, and social media, with a burgeoning interest in sports marketing. He also facilitates professional development workshops and has delivered three TEDx Talks. As a consultant, he crafts marketing content, creates business curriculum, and composes professional communications.